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Why should we film our school production?

Children enjoy watching themselves perform and do not otherwise get the chance to see the entire show. Producing a DVD of the show allows the children's wider family to share in their performance. A DVD of the performance can alleviate parental concerns over limited tickets for school productions. And many parents tell us they enjoy watching the show without having to worry about filming it, as they can just buy the DVD.


How much does it cost?

Details on our packages can be found on our pricing page.


How do I book?

Please call us on 01293 312030 or fill in the contact form.


How long before the performance do you need to set up?

We need access about an hour before the performance. It is fine for other things to be going on while we set up (eg putting out chairs, setting stage, sound checks etc.).


Are all your staff DBS checked?

Yes, all School Video employees have Enchanced DBS.


How much space do you need to film?

Not much! An area of 2m x 2m is ideal for us to set up our equipment but we have squeezed into smaller spaces. We also need access to a 13 amp socket within a reasonable distance.


Will we be able to hear the children on the DVDs?

We unobtrusively place professional microphones near to the stage or performance area, to get the best possible sound quality. If the audience can hear the children, you will hear them on the DVDs.


How do I order DVDs?

Collect orders and monies from your pupils' parents (using our template order form if you like), then return our simple form to us with your payment. To ensure prompt delivery of the DVDs we suggest starting to take orders prior to the show, with orders closing on the day of recording or the next day.


Can we put our own art work on the cover?

Yes, of course! We suggest using the programme artwork for your DVD cover or another image if you prefer. Many schools choose to use an image drawn by one of the children.


How are the DVDs supplied?

The Discs are printed with your school name and the production title, and are supplied in hard plastic cases with a colour cover insert which includes your school name, production title, cover picture (if you choose to supply one) and a short blurb for the back (if you choose to supply this).


I have more questions. What do I do now?

Call us on 01293 312030 or fill in the contact form.


Should we stop parents recording the show themselves?

Upto you. We have not found that parents recording the production affects DVD sales. It is fine to let them film as normal.

Specialists in filming live performance

Show Filming

We're experts in capturing a wide range of live performance, from dance shows to professional and amateur theatre, school productions and nursery nativities.

We offer a risk-free professional video service.

We film school productions, plays, musicals and concerts and produce great videos to provide a lasting record of the event. High quality audio is a key feature of all our films and we use three professional HD cameras to achieve results to be proud of.

The cost of the filming is covered through the sale of DVD or Digital Downloads, the sales price depends on your minimum order.

Digital Downloads

We offer both DVD and Digital formats.

Our Digital Download platform provides each purchaser with a unique code which they can use to redeem their copy of the film.

Live Streaming

Step up from a webcam, We can now offer multicamera live streaming to a variety of platforms, including Zoom, Vimeo and Microsoft Teams.

Full HD streaming, Up to 8 camera switching so we can mix a variety of camera angles, close ups and groups to be captured.

Live streaming packages start from £750.

Dance Show Filming

Dance Show Filming

We have filmed 100's of Dance performances.

Performing Arts and Theatre Show Filming

Theatre Show Filming

From Choirs to Stage Schools, we film them all!

School Show Filmin

School Show Filming

School Video is run by a Drama Teacher, we understand that everyone on stage needs to be included in the film.