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Theatre Show Filming

Theatre Show Filmin

Welcome to our theatre show filming services, where we bring the magic of the stage to the screen. We understand the immense dedication and creativity that go into producing a theatrical masterpiece. We are experienced performance videographers and are passionate about capturing every nuance of your theatre production, from the captivating performances to the intricate set designs. We use high-quality equipment and innovative techniques to ensure that the essence of your live performance is beautifully preserved. Whether it's a classic play, a musical extravaganza, or an avant-garde production, we're here to turn your theatrical vision into a lasting visual experience. With our theatre show filming, you can extend the reach of your performance, share it with a wider audience, and create a lasting record of your artistic achievement. Explore our services to see how we can help you shine in the spotlight.

We offer professional filming of plays, concerts and other live events. We specialise in filming live performances put on by schools and other groups.


Why use us?

We’re a husband and wife team who do not use sub-contractors. Jan is a qualified drama teacher, with many years’ experience in the classroom working with mainstream children and those with special needs. She has also directed and acted in numerous drama productions, including a tour at the Edinburgh fringe, and was one of the co-creators of a local theatre group in the 1990’s.

Daniel has been using video cameras since the days of VHS machines, and has worked on the technical side of stage productions, designing and running sound for a large number of local theatre productions. His background encompasses many technical aspects of video production and editing.

We set up School Video when we realised how much our children enjoyed watching the DVDs of their own school productions. Disappointed with the results of these films, (especially with poor audio quality), we felt we could offer a better service and so School Video was born.

We normally shoot with 3 HD cameras. This enables us to get good coverage of the action, so we have plenty of footage to use to put together a multi-camera edit of the show.

Alongside the cameras, we also use professional microphones. We place the microphones where they will pick up the spoken audio, ensuring we capture the audio in the best quality we can. If you are using your own microphones, we would also be able take a feed from your mixer or sound desk to add to ours. As a general rule, if the front row of the audience can hear it, it will be on the DVD.


Our Services

We can offer DVD production, online video hosting and multi camera live streaming of any live event. DVDs are supplied as printed discs stating your school/group name, production title and date in plastic library cases with full colour wraps which use your own artwork. These are sent to you, ready for distribution.


Production Filming

The cost per disc depends on how many you copies expect to sell.

Within the South of the UK we have various pricing plans available for single performance filming, note we always shoot with at least three cameras:

Did you know we offer both Digital Downloads and DVDs, both count towards your minimum order


We offer a range of price points and formats; digital or discs (DVD and MP4 Digital Download).

You can have any combination of format (DVD or Download) in your order, you just have to meet the minimum order

There are no additional or hidden costs providing you are in our catchment area, we can travel further, ask us for details!

We offer per participant pricing, from as low as £8 per performer, (pricing depends on number of performers, ask us for pricing)

We would recommend setting your minimum order to about 50% of the performers involved in the show.

Note: - This is for a single performance film shoot only. The costs shown above do NOT include any licensing required by the copyright holder to film the show.
(South UK only – covering, Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, Kent, London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Essex, Dorset).

Why Choose Us?


Years of experience in theatre and drama
Years of experience in theatre and drama

Jan trained as a drama teacher, and has worked in the industry for many years prior to starting the company.

We don't use subcontractors
We don't use subcontractors

We film, edit and duplicate everything in house.

Efficient and easy to work with
Efficient and easy to work with

We are a small business, so you deal with us from begining to end.

Always Multicamera
Always Multicamera

We always film with multiple cameras, to ensure we capture everything, we then edit these into the final film.