Looking for Someone to Film My Show?

Looking for show filming?

Welcome to School Video, your premier destination for capturing the magic of dance through the lens of a skilled Dance Videographer.
If you're in search of captivating, high-quality dance videos that beautifully showcase the artistry and grace of your performances, you've come to the right place.
Our team of experienced videographers is dedicated to turning your dance routines into cinematic masterpieces, ensuring that every step, every twirl, and every emotion is expertly preserved on film.
Whether you're a dancer, choreographer, or part of a dance troupe, we're here to help you create stunning visual records that will leave a lasting impression. Discover the power of dance through our lens, and let us turn your moments into timeless memories.

We always film with multiple cameras, to provide a variety of wide, mid and close up shots

Always a wide fixed shot of the stage to capture all the action

Professional Dance and School Show Filming

We're experts in capturing a wide range of live performance, from Dance Show Filming to professional and amateur theatre school productions and nursery nativities. We film School productions plays, musicals and concerts and produce great videos to provide a lasting record of the event. High quality audio is a key feature of all our films and we use three professional HD cameras to achieve results to be proud of. We don't charge for filming; The cost of the filming is covered through the sale of DVD or Digital Downloads, the sales price depends on your minimum order.

Free Show Filming

All our costs are met through sales, we don't charge anything else

Digital Downloads

We offer both DVD and Digital formats. Our Digital Download platform provides each purchaser with a unique code which they can use to redeem their copy of the film.

Per Participant Pricing

Want everyone to have the film? We offer per participant pricing, from as low as £8 per performer, (pricing depends on number of performers, ask us for pricing)

Top Quality

We prioritize top-notch quality in everything we do. Whether we're filming a nursery school play or professional theatre.


We offer a range of price points and formats; digital or discs (DVD and MP4 Digital Download).

You can have any combination of format (DVD or Download) in your order, you just have to meet the minimum order

There are no additional or hidden costs providing you are in our catchment area, we can travel further, ask us for details!

We offer per participant pricing, from as low as £8 per performer, (pricing depends on number of performers, ask us for pricing)

We would recommend setting your minimum order to about 50% of the performers involved in the show.

Note: - This is for a single performance film shoot only. The costs shown above do NOT include any licensing required by the copyright holder to film the show.
(South UK only – covering, Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, Kent, London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Essex, Dorset).